Lakewood Art Studios

18115 Detroit Ave Lakewood, Ohio 44107

216 370 2414​​

​​Lakewood Art Studios is an artist collective, education and event space in Lakewood, Ohio
that focuses on bringing all types of artists and the community together to exhibit, participate, learn, and share experiences.

We believe the arts should be accessible to everyone and offer space for exploration of the arts through process-based activities, events and programs.

Some of the ways we share our workshop and studio space is through field trips, family fun days, open house projects, private parties, art exhibitions, drop in days, workshops and by appointment.

Artist peer collective meetings gather folks who share interests in more specific mediums and experiences for support and enrichment. 

Art Labs encompass educational programs for children and their families.

Art Clubs are formed for those who are seeking peer interaction with others who have a common interest. Examples: Photography, Comic Book Art, Fiber Art, Jewelry, & other Visual Art Clubs for youth and adults

Field trips:
 Preschool and Kindergarten groups of no more than 20 students and at least 2 adults can explore process-based activities and experiences by choosing from our choice of field trip packages.  These field trips are approximately 45 minutes. Students are split into smaller groups and alternate projects or activities halfway through the visit.

First, second and third grade groups of no more than 25 students and at least 3 adults will spend 90 minutes rotating between activities that are chosen from our high quality, fun and educational field trip packages. 

Fourth grade and up of no more than 25 students and at least 3 adults will spend approximately 2hrs rotating between activities that are chosen from our high quality, fun and educational field trip packages. 
(Filed trip groups must have at least 10 students and 2 adults to participate.)

Private Parties and By Appointment Visits
Anyone can reserve space for a private party by calling Lakewood Art Studios. Birthdays, holidays, bridal/baby showers, sweet sixteen, girls/guys night out and  there are many other reasons party with us. Your party can rent a space with a self-directed agenda or with artist directed activities. Some supplies can be provided for a small fee. Refreshments, cakes and other party food is not provided. (groups of children under 10 years old must be supervised by at least 2 adults)

By appointment visits can be scheduled for an individual or small group of no more than 5. Please call to find out what activities are currently available for these visits. Fees vary according to details, time and activities scheduled.

Family Fun Days Drop-In & Open House
These days are open to the public and anyone can attend. Some have supply or other fees, and some are free. Please check with us for the most current projects, events, activities and dates and times for each.

Art Exhibitions
Lakewood Art Studios will hold art exhibitions, contests and shows for local students, emerging and established artists during our program year.

Lakewood Art Studios has a dedicated kiln space and is used to fire projects on site. Piece firing is also offered to any artist who has a need to fire greenware, precious metal clay, and jewelry sized fuse glass. (check with LAS staff for prices)

Residencies and Internships
Lakewood Art Studios periodically offers residencies and internships for artists and art students. These are volunteer but may be funded by grants, foundations, donations or private benefactors.

Gift Shop
We have a gift shop that is open to the public during regular business hours. The art within the gift shop is made by local artists that contribute to the collective, art students, members of the art clubs. A portion of the proceeds returns to the Lakewood Art Studios to fund our educational programs, activities and events.

Collective Artist membership:
*Added to list of roster Artists. Used by LAS to reach out to professionals with any number of skills. These referrals can be, paid services, mentoring, etc.
*Access to the equipment, studio space & some workshops/classes for a reduced rate.
* Participate in member shows, holiday sales & other events with no entry fee.
*Showcased in at least 1 member event during the year (2 person or group show).
* Membership dues are collected each year on the anniversary of your acceptance to the collective. 


Studio One “The S.T.E.A.M. Room” is a general projects studio room and can be set up for many field trip projects and activities, small exhibitions, club meetings, small group events, workshops and parties.

Studio Two is used as a gathering place for many events and rotates between several disciplines. This area can also be used as a second room for field trips.

The Green Room Studio is set up as our Photographic Studio and can be used to learn basic tips and tricks of the trade. We have traditional black and white backgrounds and lighting. Artists can use this studio to take professional photos of their art to be used in juried exhibition applications, documentation, brochures and more. With the help of our technicians our green screen technology can be included in any visit, party, special occasion event or field trip package.
The Mud Room Studio will be open soon. Right now, we are in the process of installing the kilns and making sure everything is safe to use. As this area evolves, we would like to see a few wheels for throwing, more storage and a place where artists can reserve to do their work.  

Do have an idea  for a project that needs to be laid out and not disturbed until it is finished,  an installation idea but nowhere to store the pieces until it is installed, a photo shoot or  want to sell beads and findings , art supplies or any other small art business venture ,  but no place to make that dream come true.
Lakewood Art Studios may be able to help we may be able to provide a space to rent one of our studios for a day, a week, a month or even a year. Call for more details.

Field Trips, After School & Outreach Programs Ideas​
Creative Journey Programs have been working with teachers since 2010 to extend students learning in fun practical ways.  Creative Journey Programs are not limited to what is listed below. Most often customized programing with individual classroom dynamics play a large role in the planning. By working with teachers, we strive to put forth activities that will work for every group of students. Creative Journey Programs are just right to break up the routine of any day and are also great for after care programs.

Super Science Activities​

The Big Bubble Bash: (1 session) Cohesion, adhesion and gravity are a few of the concept’s students learn while seeing who can make the biggest bubble. Children's shirts get very wet from the bubble solution and it is recommended that they have a change on hand just in case.

The Slime Time: (1 to 3 sessions) Taking Flubber, Ooblick and other slimy stuff to the next level with Flubber races, frozen Ooblick and Slippery Shaving Cream games. Very messy and children need old clothes or oversized men's button-down shirts and most likely a change of clothes when they are done. (some of the concoctions will not easily wash out of clothes.)

Gravity of It All: (2 to 4 sessions) Based on falling stuff. We build marble maze races, take balloon buddies for a walk and other fun ways to explore the properties of gravity and why we need it.

The Gravity of “Bob: (1 Session) What is “bob’s” job?   Bob is the weight at the end of the pendulum. When it comes to pendulums the bob swings and moves in patterns according to the pull of gravity. By adding paint, sand or colored chalk powder these patterns can become works of art. Students will make designs using gravity and of course “bob”.   

Catapults and Stuff That Flies: (2 to 4 sessions) Ready aim fire! Learn about physics as you build and modify catapults and other simple machines to launch things through the air, across the floor or somewhere in-between.

Chain Reactions: (1 session) Creating a sequence of reactions has never been more fun. This mix of science and math concepts will result in giggles and shouts of triumph when just a few household items are added.

Marvelous Magnet Machines: (2 sessions) Show off your magnetic personalities as we explore the positives and negatives of working together toward a common goal of making a magnetic machine. Math and science will be applied in real ways to make the machine work.

 Art Lab Activities

Art Lab Gallery 10 Series (10 sessions) Lab 1 is an introduction to the supplies and materials. Lab 2-8 is dedicated to manipulating the materials provided. Lab 8 through 10 students will work to curate, install and manage their very own gallery. The Finally of this experience is to share what they have created with invited guests and enjoy the show.

Many Faces Of Art: (1 to 12 sessions) These days everyone likes a “selfie”. Portrait drawing and paintings are how images of people were captured by artists over the years. Scholars will snap a picture with a cell phone, tablet, or laptop then mix and mingling today’s technology with cartoon, pop art and abstract styles.  Students will work with photoshop and green screen technology as well as drawing, painting and more.

Button Factory: (1 session)
This is an interactive storytelling activity. Students interact with a well-known children’s story chant. Then be engaged in creating their own version of the Button Factory as a mixed media visual art creation. Students will use repurposed items such as material swatches, buttons, plastic cups and more to make a dimensional representation of their own button factory.

Making Your “Chops” :(2 sessions) In traditional Asian culture, public officials, businessmen and artists use a small, unique stamp to sign documents and artwork. In this activity, students design their own personal “chop” - not just the seal portion, but a self-identifying handle as well and put it to use during a game show style activity that will help them recall arty facts.

Sound Cities: (5 sessions) Students will combine art and science with these activities. Students will work in small groups with Arduino boards, circuits, and visual art will merge in creating interactive dioramas.

Art Machines: (5 sessions) Art that is designed to incorporate motion is classified as Kinetic Art. This includes a wide variety of techniques and styles, the movement in the artwork may be caused by a viewer, by wind currents, by water flow or by mechanical means. Students will engineer several kinetic art pieces by mixing art with math and science.

The Art Of Storytelling I

Shadow Puppet Theater: (1 to 12 sessions) Rich culture, social status, creativity and art concepts combine to lend these performances their wonder. Students will explore the magic of storytelling without saying a word while experiencing an art form that was once only enjoyed by royalty and the rich.

Art Dolls: (4 to 8 sessions) These dolls are not “just for girls.” Have you ever heard of the Kondi, Satre Ruin or Cody Da Da? These cultural characters and stories are iconic and inspire countless ideas for artistic inspiration. Folklore and myths are usually passed down by word of mouth and have a moral lesson behind them. The students will hear the tales and then create “art dolls” to help them share the morals they have heard.

The Art Of Storytelling II

“Really Getting Into Your Work”: (1 session 90min) Students will create a collage background to use in their green screen photos.  Students will be photographed holding different poses then their photo will be added to their individual collage art. Using prompts from the work they have made each student will become the storyteller when their work is shared. A 4x6 print of each child “getting into their work” is included.

“The Magic Teacher”: (3 sessions) Students will create a magician’s hat and props to use in their green screen production of “The Magic Teacher”. In this short video the teacher will perform a few tricks where she makes her students appear and disappear using the magic of the green screen technology.

“MOM, I Shrunk The Teacher!”: (5 sessions) Students will create simulated science equipment and a shrink ray machine props to use in their green screen production of “MOM, I Shrunk The Teacher!” In this short video students will be in a hurry to make a science fair project and in the process, they make a shrink ray machine. When they demonstrate how it works, with the help of green screen technology and photoshop, they shrink the teacher instead of what the machine was supposed to do. Students will have short speaking and acting roles as well as taking part in editing and producing their work.

Oh, The Games We Play

(1 to 12 Sessions) Game playing is an innate activity that is a part of human nature. It is important to our physical and intellectual development. The spontaneity, joy and pleasure involved in playing games helps children establish interpersonal relationships and have fun with a positive attitude about the world around them. This Creative Journey Program is intended to be an energy releaser focusing on interaction with others in a fun and non-confrontational atmosphere.

Jump Rope Jam: Chants and challenges for children to do while using a jump rope. Cooperative games and individual tasks to simulate creativity while getting physical.

Imagination Games: These games involve observation, memory, gestures, teamwork, and a good bit of imagination.

Relay Games: Coordination among all of the players in the group makes this game more fun and successful.

“It” Games: These “tag” games are high energy and promote cooperation as well as stealth and cunning.

Team Games: Groups work together to achieve a goal. Cooperation and a joint effort are essential.

Limited Motion Games:  Agility and teamwork are necessary in these games. Many of them limit the use of at least one body part so that children rely on each other to complete the task.   

Puzzle Games: Collaboration and coordination are essential in these games. Players work together to solve the “Puzzle”

A Twist on Traditional Games: These are games the Teachers may remember playing as a child. Some are traditional but most have a different twist.  

No Batteries included: Each of these games can be played on table-tops and require no batteries or electricity. The art of keeping it simple is the fun in these activities. Penny Soccer, Finger Football and Beat That are just a few of the games set up in stations for small groups to experience, remember and reuse as they learn the art of ingenuity.